Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday 6th January 2006 - Weather: bright and breezy!

I should be in making James' bed, it is clean sheets day, but I thought I would just squeeze in a few words. Worked in one of my gardens today. They have a dog, a biggish dog, and one result of this is their garden has a few soft suprises for the unwary! Glad I wear big gloves and wear big boots. Anyway, that aside, the garden is shaping up nicely. Everything is in bud and should all look great come spring. I know the owners appreciate the amount of work that is going in to get this patch back into shape after 12 months of neglect and 12 months of a cowboy gardener.


Tony said...

What are the wee orange pod-monster looking things on the photo below?

Crescendo said...

Lovely garden.
Happy New Year !

Emma Jane said...

The orange seeds are from a yellow iris, not a bearded one, more like the wild ones that grow in bogs....but do you think I can remember it's name!! AAGGHH