Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thursday 5th January 2006 - Weather :sunny, sleety, cold!

Happy new year! And happy kids back to school day!! At last, a whole day, well, from 9 til 3, where I could get out into the garden and start to drag it back into some sort of tidiness! Got the greenhouse sorted first, all empty pots into the shed and all old compost into my new green tubtrug (fabulous Chrimble pressie from Mark). Mananged to pick a plate full of chillis, and my very last ripe tomato! 'Golden Queen'. Well I was impressed. Most importantly, with windchills of below -4 predicted in this part of the world over the weekend, I finally got the electric heater into the greenhouse.

Lunchtime, grabbed a wrap, (how trendy), and a cuppa, then back out and started raking the leaves from the borders. Because the willow kept it's leaves until the start of December, then dropped the lot in one go, they are piled high! By the time I came back into the warm, I was on sack 5. Hey ho, plenty of leaf mould for next year. So cold, my toes were numb and aching.

Lots of life in the garden, a few flowers still poking through, and the daff bulbs are all up and it looks like the clumps are thicker, so they should put on a good show. The odd flash of colour is very welcome.

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