Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday 24th January 2006 - Weather: Blooming freezing! -3 on the thermometer!

I was kinda hoping to get out in the front garden this morning and start cutting back and clearing up, I have noticed the crocuses all poking their noses through, so thought I should get to work, but the frost is still thick at 10am so it seems a little daft, plus, I don't want to start hacking back dead top growth, exposing new lovely soft growth to the elements!

So, plan of attack for today, tidy the house, do a spot of hoovering, then make a batch of paper pots and sow some more tomato seeds. I nipped out into the conservatory to jot down the spud varieties I have and spotted this glorious flower starting to open, and there are 5 more spikes to follow!

Potato varieties for 2006:
Pink Fur Apple
Lady Christl

We are going to a potato day in Suffolk in February and I plan to pick up a selection of more unusual spuddies.

Tomatoes sown to date:
Costi. Fior. (Beefsteak)
Sweet Million (cherry)
Great White (large white)
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Galina (cherry)
Mississippi Pink Love Apple
Palla di Fuoco (plum)
Orange berry (orange cherry)
Golden Queen (yellow)

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