Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday 11th January 2006 - Weather: Squally start, breezy blue sky by lunchtime

Bbbrrr, what a miserable start to the day! The kids and I were freezing on the school run and I was in two minds about going to work today. However, once they were safe in the hands of their teachers, I headed off, and was jolly glad I did as once the wind blew the rain clouds away, the sun came out and it was quite pleasant. I am renovating a hedge border at the moment which has been left to become incredibly overgrown. Thanks to the years of leaves falling, the soil around the hedge is rich and black and digs incredibly easily. But the garden slopes this way and that, and can be quite a hazard if you aren't looking where you are going when you step back. Twice I nearly fell onto my backside!

Made a honeycomb last night of newspaper - must take a photo - to hold my seed potatos whilst they chit. Also had a look at my stored spuds, only a mixed bag of odds and sods, but some have huge sprouts! Am thinking of doing a mixed row on the plot with these.....I know all the reasons you shouldn't, but they are passed using and it seems such a waste. The pink fur apples are still in great condition, and we will be having PFA chips for tea tonight!


MutantHobbit said...

PFA chips?! Pure decadence... How many chips do you get from each one, as the ones I've got waiting to go in the ground only look big enough to provide one spud per chip! Great blog by the way!

Emma Jane said...

Thanks MH. The seed PFA are quite small compared to some of the monsters I harvested. Mind you, some are only cut in half. I could eat a bucket full, but then I am a piggy!