Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday 18th January 2006 - Weather: Overcast with sunny spells

Visited another of my gardens today. This one is vast, more like a park as they do not have traditional flower beds but lots and lots of trees. Finally cleared the edge along the side fence all the way to the back end of the garden behind the pond. This is to help with grass cutting as at the moment the ride on mower leaves the edges and they grow up full of weeds. I also did some planting today - my favourite job! Four digitalis, 2 alba and 2 greater spotted. They went behind the pond to try and add some height. Then in went two campanulas, one blue and one white. I planted them together as I think the mix of the two colours will look very pretty. Finally two daisy, who's name escapes me. Again white, and these went to the side of the pond, the other side of the baby curly hazel I planted in the Autumn. A lot of white.... I am going to sprinkle some forget-me-not seeds around the pond in a couple of weeks time which will lift the area nicely. There is still a weeping willow and two climbing Jasmins to plant, but I am awaiting instructions. Now I feel exhausted, and my face feels firey - I guess that was the wind.

Tonight I am going to sow some pea seeds into my paper pots. I shall take photos and post later!

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