Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday 25th January - Weather: FFFRRREEEZZZIIINNNGGG!!!

I fear I am loosing the plot! Minus 3 on the car thermometer, and yet I still trundled off to one of my gardens. Couldn't do a lot, trimmed the grass edges around all the beds and borders, and pottered and tidied. No chance of digging as the ground was like a brick! So, came home early and will make the time up next week. Made some gorgeous lemon jam/jelly/marmalade, followed by sausage casserole for tomorrows supper, finally followed by banana, chocolate and pecan loaf. Then did a spot of seed sowing. Started 10 different peppers and chillis. (I will write down the names and get them listed tomorrow) These are sown in tiny plastic pots, 2 per pot. And because I am the worlds most impatient person, I pulled out a pea seed to see if there were any signs of growth...and there wasn't! PAH! Only to be expected of course. They haven't been in the compost for a week yet. Wonder if the broad beans are growing? Camera is on standby for the first birth of the year!


Jean said...

Did you soak the peas and beans before planting them as they'll start shooting earlier?

Emma Jane said...

No, I have tried soaking before but then find they rot away! Sometimes I am a touch heavy handed with things like that.